Process Manager Change with Workflow

  • 17 November 2022
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Hi All, 


Does anyone have a way of changing the process manager within a ticket with the workflows?


So the senario is a request ticket comes into department A. They do some check then it will go to department B they do there bit and then Department C do the final piece and closes the ticket. 


In each stage of the request I’m already using Assigned To to field with another custom field so tickets can be assigned to individual members of the specific teams.


What i want to happen is once department A has finished their part and clicked complete it automatically changed the process manager to Department 2 who will then get email notification and the ticket visible in their queue and same for department C who will then close the ticket. 


Anyone have any suggestions?





1 reply

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Hi @Dbroadbridge , 

In your workflow template go to a relevant step and scroll down to the Attributes: 


in the Attributes window we created an example that should address your request:


Then at the end of each step, this is configured it will update the SR process owner per the relevant field you choose for your process. 

Let us know how it goes!

PS - check a workshop we had a bout workflows in our conference earlier this year for more tips and tricks :)