Request template and attaching files

  • 26 July 2022
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Good morning,

We have a Request Template that we would like to add attachments too. However, when we add the attachments, they do not populate in our test requests. Is this a limitation or are we doing something incorrectly? This is just a screenshot as an example, I realize there are currently no attachments selected.


2 replies

Hi Joshua,

this is working for me so where are you adding the files?

I can see the files in a new request when I’m uploading them in Settings » Service Desk Templates » Request Templates before hand. 

Do you have any values configured that might populate the attachments? The default population method is Overwrite if not complete so this could cause the files to be deleted. 



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As @mhaag mentioned please share where did you add the attachment, on the SR? Or on the action item? 

Nonetheless in order to add attachments to a workflow you need to configure the population mechanism that will copy attachment from SR general details to action item or vice versa. 

In order to do that go in to any template you use:  

Workflow Population Mechanism 

Let us know how it goes!