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I have an API connection that has recently stopped working. My company has also recently rolled out SSO authentication to sysaid so I’d strongly imagine that the reason.

Do you know what changes I need to get back online with the API connection?



Best answer by Maayan Karstaedt 1 September 2022, 12:15

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Hi @kmcclung!

First great to hear you moved to SSO login definitely recommended from security perspective!

Second, regarding API issue can you share if API is completely not working or some actions work and some don’t? We are not aware that when working with SSO there is impact on API but we do have a limit on how many login request you can do within 5 minutes so maybe your API set up needs to be optimized, all the details here.

In order to set up login requests for multiple actions see here. 

Let me know what you find out!


Hey there @Maayan Karstaedt thank you for the reply.

To break it down:

I built a Power Automate flow that utilizes several HTTP calls to log on and to gain access to the sysaid asset register. Worked perfectly 😀.


Since my colleagues added SSO authentication I have attempted to run the flow again and cannot login using my credentials. My password has not changed, but for completeness I attempted to use different user accounts, all failed to log on.

Would I be right in thinking that now the business uses SSO, removing passwords from the sysaid end, the practice of using usernames and passwords for API access will not function?


Hey @Maayan Karstaedt - following on from this, looking closer at your handy links I’ve answered my own question.

It confirms that I cannot use this API with Oauth / SSO (pictured below). Is there any method at all that would enable me to use Oauth / SSO and the API together? I can’t seem to find anything in the document. 😥





I reviewed the documentation of your API portal but it does NOT detail how to use cookies, please we need you to send us the detailed steps of using cookie

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Hi @jmoney !

Once you create a sucesful login the cookie should be generated automatically, we created and example of how it would look here: 

Let us know how it goes!


Thank you for the example the cookie, an additional question what is the maximum time can I use the cookie, by example [Today] + 2h

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@jmoscoso you can see API limits here

@Maayan Karstaedt I checked the information but it does not have the details of how often I should renew the “cookie”, assuming that I did not exceed the API limits

Please tell me

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@kmcclung I went to our experts to see how we can help you with the new setup, so here we go: 

  1. Create dedicated user for API activity - This user can be excluded from SSO protocols and is also best practice in order to preserve organization stability when personnel changes take place over the years. 
  2. Use this url to override the SSO: [account name]

Let us know how it goes!


@Maayan Karstaedt  That worked first time, brilliant news, thank you. 😀

Will this work for on-premise servers?  Im also having an issue with the login and SSO. When I try login.jsp?manual=true i get a 404 page not found.

Im using NodeRed to process the login and processing the queries to build an automated dashboard.  I just keep failing at the login.