Label "Survey status" in SR is not change by API

  • 25 June 2024
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Hi Everyone,

I’m facing a dumb issue herer. I have a Survey working very well making update by sysaid API.

When a survey is done, there is a label call “Survey Status” in the SR that tell me that the survey was anwserd.  But When the ticket is mark as “Resolved”, the survey is send but the “Survey status” in the SR wasn’t change to “The survey was sent”.

I’m trying to do this by API and I have no success. Anybody here can help me?

Here what I’m doing by API.



curl --location --request PUT 'https://{{ambiente}}/sr/81980' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
    "id": "81980",
    "info": [
            "key": "survey_status",
            "value": 1


3 replies

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Hi @abonfim ,

Unfortunately the Survey Status can’t be changed via API in SysAid. The API call that would work for this instance would be only to check what is the survey status on tickets.

This is an example to find the status using the API:

{ “id”:”survey_status”,

     “caption”:”Survey Status”,

     “values”: [{“id”:”1”,”caption”:”Not Sent”},



If you need more help, have further questions, or just want to chat about this topic, please don't hesitate to reach out.

HI @dragos.baciu ,

The point is. How could I trigger the plataforma to change the status? For example.

In notifications I’ve setup that when the ticker was closed like “Resolved” send to the custumer the survey by e-mail. This survey is arraving with no issue.

In this point, the “Survey Status” must be the {“id”:”2”,”caption”:”Sent”} but the ticket is keeping the {“id”:”1”,”caption”:”Not Sent”}.
Is there any way to “press the button via API to turn on this trigger? 

Thanks a lot dude!