Query Parameter Functionality Issue in SysAid API (V1)

  • 1 April 2024
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I'm trying to understand how parameters work in the SysAid API. I've been using a request to retrieve service requests within a date range like so:,1711152000000

However, when I add another query parameter to specify certain fields to be returned, neither of the two filters seems to work:,1711152000000&fields=problem_type,alertID,CustomColumn17sr,sr_type,problem_sub_type,third_level_category,title,status,request_user,responsibility,priority,insert_time,close_time,due_date,update_time

Does the SysAid API support more than one query parameter? If it doesn't, how should I structure the request according to the API's requirements?

Thanks for your help!


1 reply

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Hello YerssonHernandez99,

We are glad to have you around

As far as you have presented the problem all I can mention is that you have called a specific field, insert_time and then listed other fields without any values on them


The api fields are tied to the database fields which can be found here\


For the call, try from the following guide → Search Service Requests → GET/sr/search?query={search_criteria}&view={view_name}&fields={field1,field2..}&type={type}&offset={offset}&limit={limit}&{filter1}={filter1_value}&{filter2}={filter2_value}..&sort={field}&dir={dir}…

You are more than welcomed to our to request a few session of how to if needed trough the CSM

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