Request for further details regarding REST API in general

  • 27 October 2022
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We are in the middle stages of evaluation of SysAid as a combined ITSM and CMDB service for both internal and customer needs.


Internally we have a strong philosophy of consolidating as much frontend-backend communication to REST as possible; as such, we are heavily invested in wanting to know more about the API of SysAid in general. 


The main sources of relevant information regarding the REST API we have perused are the following:


Rather than asking what is possible, we thought it would be easier if it’s possible to define which parts of the system are not accessible (e.g. replicating full functionality supplied via other existing methods) via REST? As an example, we found the documentation for creating CIs in this manner to be just about non-existing. 


To summarise, what, if any limitations are in place for the REST API and, if existing, what are underlying causes and/or premeditated decisions behind them?


Many thanks for your services and the help you have given us thus far! 


2 replies

Your best bet to get these answers might be to place a support ticket through your sales rep. I found it quite difficult to get any information regarding the REST API from both the forum and general web searching. 


Thank you!

For anyone else curious, we actually got a direct response through a service request; currently creating CIs via REST is not possible. A Feature Request (FR 15713) currently exists for updating CIs and we were encouraged to open a new request for this particular feature.