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  • 17 January 2023
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I am trying to submit a ticket using Sysaid REST API. I am stuck at making a login connection.


I am using Phyton, here’s the code:


import requests


headers = {"Content-Type":"application/json"}


info={ "user_name": "username",

"account_id": "accountid",

"password" : "password"


#url = ""


l =, json=info, headers=headers)


We use SSO/Oauth. I think thats causing problem as I found on Sysaid site that REST Api wont work for OAuth users. Is there a work around?

  • Also, a maximum of two API login requests will be allowed within a five minute period

I have to wait 5 minutes everytime to test , my code. For API development this should not be the limitation. Can you take this off for out company?

6 replies

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Hi @abhatia

Check out this post for how to set up the login process for API:

Regarding the limitation on a number of logins during the 5 minutes unfortunately it is not flexible and was put in place with security standards in mind. 

Let us know how it goes and what you are building!



Thanks Maaayan. I created decicated user for API which is excluded from SSO but the url below does not work to login, it just returns the entire page HTML:

[account name]



I tried it again url below just returns login page HTML:


Let me know URL for logging to Sysaid via API. I am using a non SSO enabled account

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Hi @abhatia, did you figure it out in the end? If not please reach out to our Customer Care team via live chat or open a ticket on our Customer Porta and foind out what is the issue. 



Yes I figured it out. Thanks.

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@abhatia amazing, would you like to share what was the solution so more can learn from it? :)