REST API search not filtering on sub_type

  • 1 December 2023
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I am using the REST API in order to do some cleanup. One aspect of this is to update the sub_type field on SR’s that are using old sub_type forms which I want to remove. 


I tried issuing the search endpoint with the url:


This is not working and returning me SR’s with sub_types that are not of the ID 31.


Alternatively, I could send a request that filters on problem_type and the results are properly filtered. 


Why is sub_type specifically not being respected in the search?



3 replies

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Hi David,


I see that you’ve submitted a ticket on our help desk portal regarding REST API.

We’ll work on this issue on that end - our representatives will reach out shortly with an answer.

For others - the answer to this seems to be that you cannot filter on sub_type via the API. You can update the sub_type field, but you cannot use it to filter in the search or list endpoints.


I don’t understand why, tech support wasn’t able to give me a good answer, just that it seems you couldn’t.


My solution was to just page through all service requests and update the sub_type for anything that met my requirement.


Does sub_type have a parent type?

Meaning sub_type implies that it is a second level of something.

I noticed that SysAid API will not allow to filter on a second level of anything.

You have to specify the parent level as the key and then list the value for both parent and sub, separated by an underscore. For example:

Parent type is called Categories

Parent value is Animal

sub_type is Dog ← this is what you want to filter on.

So you specify it ?Categories=Animal_Dog