SysAid CMDB Sync With VMware Vcentre hosted CIs

  • 8 November 2022
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Hi guys, we are looking at syncing our virtual assets on vcentre with SysAid CMDB. Has anyone done this before? your guide will be appreciated. 

9 replies

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Hi Pedero,

Can you clarify what you mean by syncing? Are you just looking to import data? Are you looking for some information in real-time? Something else?





Hi Erik,

I am looking at importing data from the vmware vcentre anytime a new server is provisioned. 

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Okay. If there is some option from your vcenter to export the data, you need to the new provisioned server to a csv file. This file can be automatically imported to CMDB.



Thank you Erik for the feedback. Does it mean we cannot integrate VMware with SysAid CMDB?

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@Pedero your other option would require you to create the servers as assets (requires licenses) and deploy SysAid Agents on them, then they can be synced automatically in real-time to your CMDB. Otherwise manual import as described above. 

Hope this helped, 


@Maayan Karstaedt , I have SysAid agents running on servers. At the moment when a new server is created on the VMware , SysAid CMDB is unable to capture it. I embedded the agent as part of our Golden Windows OS build so that whenever a new server is created , the agent will begin to register on the cmdb but it has not really worked well. So I was hoping there will be another way to integrate the VMware with SysAid CMDB.  

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Hi @Pedero 

Consulted with our product experts to try and figure this out, we suspect that in your “Golden Windows OS” you already have an agent installed and then when it's duplicated to a new server but it actually is still associated to the original asset with the same asset id. Which means any cloned asset will report to the same original asset. To check this go to the Golden Windows OS agent > check the agent configuration file if it already has a Machine ID populated.  

If this is indeed the case then follow these steps to build the process so it creates new assets:

(login is required to view this article) 


Let us know if this helped!

PS - We had a great workshop about all the nitty gritty in Asset Management worth checking out!


Hi Maayan, Thank you for the response but the shared article when clicked lands on the home portal.

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@Pedero indeed, login (same login credentials as the community) and you will get there :)