Unable to create SR with 3 Category levels via REST API

  • 13 April 2021
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Im trying to create an SR using the REST API via Postman (initially), however although the SR is created not all the fields are updated. I know the values exist and match in the SysAid system.

From the below sample JSON, the problem_sub_type and third_level_category fields, and the custom field CustomColumn405sr date/time field don't update (also tried the update SR API - I get the same result).

POST /api/v1/sr/

"info": [
{"key":"title","value":"Test SR"},


{"key":"CustomColumn405sr", "value" : 1617788641080}


Create API returned 200 Ok and the JOSN of the created SR. Update API returns 200 Ok and '1' in the response body.

Please can someone advise.

Kind Regards

1 reply

Hi :)

The categories in SysAid can be set if you pass them in one string using _ in the spaces.
You should pass the value to the problem_type. so in your example, it will be in the following way:

"key": "problem_type",
"value": "Backup_Generator_Fault"

You can see that all of our 3 categories are in one line.
Please let me know if you have more questions and sorry for the delay.