use routing rules for SR via API

  • 23 June 2024
  • 3 replies

It is possible to avoid automatically assigning the service record to yourself via API. I would like to create SRs via API which are then managed by routing rules inside help desk.

3 replies

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Hi Andrea, 

Thank you for reaching us, unfortunately at the moment we can’t use routing rules for tickets created via API, but we have a feature request for this query.
If at any moment you require further assistance, please open a Service Record by clicking the 'Create a
Service Record' located in our Support Section from our Page dedicated to our customers:Å

The options for support can be to raise a ticket or reaching us via Chat and have the ticket raised along
with us.

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Thank you,

does the same apply to all the other rules? I mean: priority rules, due time rules, escalation rules, etc...?

Also I see that when I create a ticket via API, it is automatically assigned to myself, even if "null" is entered in the value field. Is it possible to avoid this automatic behavior by not assigning the ticket to anyone?


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