Latest Poll: Which programming language do you use most?

Hey guys,

This month we'd like you to share with the community which programming language do you use the most!


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technically not really "programming" rather scripting - but as an admin I tend to say I use vbscript, batch, powershell in combination with SQL queries quite often.
Due to some circumstances I am experienced in WMI and WQL as well.

just my 2c.... best regards...
We use Javascript/JQuery + Java + SQL
Hello , i want just to share my case . I use all of this programing langages to develop for my custerms small management application depending on their requirements but i am not good enought at each one of them. i use forums like stackoverflow ... to fix my bugs or to get butter information about their concepts.
Can you considerit as an advantage or an drawback ?
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There are bundles of programming language are available as a cloud but the most likely language that i use is JavaScript.
I've programmed in everything from Fortran, to C and C++ to many of the scripting languages. My all time favorite is Perl. Eloquent. Simple. Powerful.
I like working with Java SQL
Powershell mostly but I'm getting into JavaScript more.
Javascript + Node.js
C# - SQL
I selected other (Please Specify) but there wasn't a place to enter text that I noticed. I use PowerShell the most.

I'm proficient in C++ and Java, and have a working knowledge of JavaScript (including TypeScript). I've also dabbled in Janky, a language I'm trying to popularize. HTML is another tool in my toolkit, although I don't use Python as much these days and tend to forget about it. Overall, I have a diverse skill set as a programmer. It was fun to tell about yourself and read about other forum users.

Thanks for the mood,