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  • 31 August 2022
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We are running on prem Build Numberv21.4.45 b17

I have two administrators that we have disabled in our AD environment.  We have our SysAid integrated with AD, and have verified integration is working with end users.

However these two administrator accounts in our SysAid environment are still active and cannot set them to disabled either by syncing, or manually setting them to disabled.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for the help!



3 replies

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Hi @Evan ,

does it happen with other admins as well or just these specific two?

If so, do you happen to know what differentiate them?

You can try to create a test user in the AD, turn it to admin and then disable it to see if it got the same effect.

If it doesn’t then perhaps something specific with these users is causing this, maybe something is strange with their user name for example there is an apostrophe or something similar that is causing issues. 


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Hi @Evan

To add to Sela’s feedback A few more thing to look into to:   

  1. You can’t disable an admin that is the main SysAid admin you can only delete it and transfer all his assigned duties to a different user. 
  2. You can prevent disabled users from being imported see here (login to our SSP required)
  3. you can check this box and when syncing it will not bring in disabled admins and SysAid will accordingly disable their use in SysAid
  4. Let us know if this helped!




Thanks for your replies...I hope to get to look at this today