LDAP Integration and First Names

  • 26 August 2022
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Hello. We are having an issue with our LDAP sync.


Until recently, it was importing correctly. However, now when the LDAP integration process runs it does not import the firstName of our new users. It also wipes out the first names of the users that were already in the system. We haven’t changed anything within our AD structure nor have we made any changes to our LDAP integration. Any ideas why this would be happening? As a test I manually entered the first names of some of our users and after the next run the names had been removed again.

4 replies

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hi @jshaw1126 

I opened a ticket on your behalf as this definitely requires further investigation!





Very curious on the outcome of this ticket.

This wound up being a bone-headed mistake on my part. While looking at adding some fields to import from AD/LDAP into SysAid I had added a new row in the attribute mapping and rather than removing the extra row I had just left it sitting. The LDAP Attribute was blank, so I assumed it wouldn’t pull any data. The problem was that the SysAid field was listed as First Name, so it would first pull givenName into the First Name field, but then due to the last attribute mapping it was overwriting the First Name field with a blank.


Long story short, if you add a field to the attribute mapping, make sure it isn’t a duplicate of another SysAid field, and remove it if you don’t end up needing it.

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thanks for sharing @jshaw1126 and allowing others to learn from your experience too!!