Request: Allow End-User Group to See Certain Tickets

  • 20 September 2021
  • 2 replies

When our SysAdmins are working with an end-user team, we typically get multiple people from that team submitting tickets. Sometimes, they want the ability to view the status of their teammates tickets. Currently, the only end-users that can see the status of a ticket are the "Submit User" and "Request User"

It would be nice for an "End-User Group" to be able to see the statuses of tickets in a particular category or sub-category of tickets.

2 replies

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Hi TimRo,
Hope you already figured this out but if not this capability already is possible by defining supervisors & departments for end-user groups. check out this guide

1. define departments assign users to departments 
2. define one or more users as department supervisor 
3. Supervisors will be able to see in the Self Service Portal scoreboard another tab "Supervised requests" which will display the list of tickets submitted by the department members
*Admin user can also edit this in SR field name "Is supervisor"

Let us know how it goes!

Similiar to the department supervisor exaplained above, there is a Company Supervisor option as well.  This provides visiailiby to all Company service records.