User not Syncing from LDAP.

Hello Support, We created a new user account a few weeks ago, however the user has yet to sync from LDAP to SysAid. The user is in the correct OU, and the Sysaid integration portal has established a connection.

We've set the Sync setting to run every day.

Please advise.

thank you,

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I have same issue where is the force sync option?

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Hi @MeraPC !

A few things you can check in your LDAP configuration that might create this issue: 

  1. Is it for a specific user groups 
  2. Does it include sub-OU’s
  3. Review your filters and roots and sub-OU if applicable

Worth mentioning SysAid imports users and groups  from nested OU’s when integrating to LDAP. 

Adding here also our guide for LDAP integration as well just in case. 

@Matt Uguccioni Regarding force sync for LDAP this capability is not available currently, open an Idea for voting and we can prioritize it accordingly :) 

Let us know how it goes!