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Hello! Hi! Introduction time :)

  • 6 July 2022
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Hello! Hi! Introduction time :)
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Sometime it feels like it’s you against the world? The pour of tickets? The avalanche of issues to handle immediately?

Well you don’t have to be alone in this there are many SysMates here waiting to get to know you, talk shop, share collaborate and elevate your game. Together. 


Let’s take the first step, tell us a bit about you, In the comments :) 


3 replies

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Yes I know it’s cheesey to be the first to reply to my own post, oh well I will survive 💃🏽

Excited to get to know you all out there in the WWW, I am Maayan I joined SysAid last year and been working on rebuilding this beautiful community for a while now :) 

  • My super power - Excel, Gsheets, Data cleanups and everything in between 😎
  • What would you like to learn more about? Every question you ask sends me to research another capability of SysAid so continue to challenge me please. There is so much more I want to find out about. 

Feel free to tag me, DM me and chat ​​​​​​​on anything and everything community, IT and SysAid. 


Done - ticket closed - who’s next? 



Hi everyone,

I’m Erik and I head product marketing at SysAid. I’ve been at here for about 1.5 years and enjoy the fact that I continue to learn new things and meet new people. And now we have a new platform that will help me learn even more and meet you... I am thrilled that we arrived at this day!

I’m originally from Detroit, I went to school at the University of Iowa and I’ve been living (on and off) in Israel for about 20 years. I am the proud father of three and enjoy current affairs, history, music and sports.  

Good luck to all of us, as this is OUR community!


Hello and good morning,
I come from the time of the dawn of information technology!
I founded my first company in 1990 and the second company in 1999!
In the course of time from hardware and software sales, we have specialized in the area of ​​software in the company. Early, close partnerships with today's big IT giants allowed us to develop further and maintain close friendships up to the CEO level.

Personal, cosmopolitan contact with partners and customers has always been a priority for me. So I joined SysAid in 2010 when I was looking for a product that would make my life easier to see and work through my daily tasks.

Over the years I've noticed the pot of gold I've found at SysAid. Friendly success-oriented employees with a head like Oded Moshe who developed the product further and managed to implement the Logig into the software based on the needs of the community. In short, I couldn't imagine any other product today to make my daily work easier.

What makes me a little sad is that far too much is being tried to automate the product with products from third-party manufacturers and the community is more of a knowledge database than a community. I hope that the new community will animate at least some of the members to participate. In the new community, I don't have an overview of contributions from all over the world, like the support staff from SysAid used to, who participated in a solution here. Just a big family!
The posts for the past beta tests are completely missing, or I'm not able to find them by year or version.

There used to be country flags for each person, with the help of which one could see how the way of working and thinking of our daily tasks with the product were changing or required in the individual countries. Again, this is no longer the case.

Well, I'm still in the job for a few more years and I hope to see how things change for the better and it becomes a community like before again ;-)

your Karlson