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Hello! Hi! Introduction time :)

Hello! Hi! Introduction time :)
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Sometime it feels like it’s you against the world? The pour of tickets? The avalanche of issues to handle immediately?

Well you don’t have to be alone in this there are many SysMates here waiting to get to know you, talk shop, share collaborate and elevate your game. Together. 


Let’s take the first step, tell us a bit about you, In the comments :) 


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Hello Everyone!

What a lovely community! My name is Louie, I have been doing help desk for 4years and officially got the tittle in my company of I.T Specialist about 1 year already. Very happy to be part of the future that's constantly progressing and will soon take over (Technology), #lovetech


I'm always willing to learn more and be part of group projects, I am self motivated and look out for the organization for which i work for. I have been here for 5 years and never have i felt that its a job, i mean its something i love! Information Technology, you learn something new everyday even with certifications you never stop learning.


Cant wait to see what will come out of this.