Suggest Ideas on SysAid Community

  • 7 July 2022
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Suggest Ideas on SysAid Community
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SysAid already has a vast range of capabilities and features, and yet this doesn't mean we are going to rest on our feet. Our R&D teams are working continuously to improve and invest in our current offering that will deliver
the most value for you, our customers. When you get that ‘Aha!’ moment we want to hear all about IT!

The process: 

  • Search for an existing Ideas first - voting up an existing Idea will have more impact and will keep us focused. 
  • Create an Idea -
    • Subject line should be clear and concise giving a high-level description of your suggestion.
    • Be generous with the information you share nothing is too obvious.
    • Give an example from your day-to-day how this will impact your work.
    • Share how this will bring value to others in the community.
    • Categorize - Choose product Area, add tags so can be easily found by other users and potential voters. 
    • Submit. 
  • What happens after submission? 
    • We will review new submissions at least once a month and update Idea status per types below. 
    • One Idea is open for voting it’s up to the power of the community

Our Idea status types are: 

  • New - When Idea has been submitted and pending review by the SysAid product team. 
  • Open for Voting - Idea was validated and found relevant, now it’s time for other SysMates to show their interest in this Idea too. 
  • More Information - The use case for the idea suggested is unclear and we need more details from submitter or other SysMates. The ideas cannot be addressed until more info is provided. 
  • Solution Available - The Idea has an alternate solution or workaround or a newer feature supporting this need. 
  • Completed -  This idea was delivered and is available for use on SysAid :)  
  • Completed Partially - The Idea was delivered partially. 
  • Not Planned - This Idea is not likely to be addressed as it is related to a sunset feature or doesn't align with our roadmap focuses.  
  • Duplicate - A similar idea has already been opened for voting, this idea and any votes captured on it will be merged to the lead idea post. 

Excited to hear what you have on your mind!

Go to the Ideas section now!




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1 reply


I think currently sysaid has the ability to manage projects and tasks but if there was the functionality to link to a project it would be great.