How to change your "Account Default Time Zone"

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We are moving from an On-Premise setup to the Cloud and when I was entering our Operating Times I noticed that it said “*Note: The times above relate to account default time zone: EST”.   We are actually in the Pacific Time zone (Nevada, USA) but I cannot find where to change that (if I need to that is).  Can anyone help?


Best answer by Steve_IT_FPST 16 May 2023, 17:14

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Never Mind, I was told where to change it.

Hey @Steve_IT_FPST !
I’m happy you found the answer. Please, share that with the community, so other members with the same question will be able to find it.

Thank you

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It was under the Customize>Account Defaults area in the Settings.  Once it was changed there it fixed the issue.

Great, @Steve_IT_FPST , thank you!
I’ll mark it as the best answer