Question- How to setup Email Notifications when a Request is completed to Group that is not the assigned group

  • 5 August 2022
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I am using Sysaid Cloud version.  I want to setup a notification that delivers an email message to an Admin Group when a request is ‘closed’.  (Request Completed)

This admin group is not the assigned admin group, just a group of interested people who need to know when other requests are completed.

Where would I do this? Is it in Workflow Notifications? I looked there but was not sure what to put on the Service Request Details screen regarding Request User.  These notifications apply to all request users.

Thanks for your attention



1 reply

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Hi @COKWriter,

You can either create a workflow notification and then make the last tab of the request send it when it gets completed (which can also change the ticket’s status to request completed/close) or create an escalation rule that will notify this group of users once tickets are getting closed or apply to the escalation triggers.