Admin created ticket - no e-mail notifications

  • 21 April 2023
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On-prem v22.4.45 b1
When an admin creates a ticket and sets the status to assigned when creating the assigned admin does not get any e-mail notification. I have ‘assigned to changes’ and ‘assigned’ status selected in Notification settings under General. The notification works when the status is changed after the ticket is already created ,e.g. ticket is created as new then changed to assigned status. I assume this is not sending an e-mail because it only updates on changes and this does not trigger when the ticket is created as already assigned. Is there any way to make a ticket that is created with the admin assigned and status selected send an e-mail notification?


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you should be able to create a routing rule for that.. or several




Are you expecting to receive a notification as an assigned admin or as part of an assigned admin group? The way the system is configured when you are making changes to a ticket such as status and so on, the system will not trigger a notification because you are the one making the changes. This means that there is no need to notify you about your own changes. 

If your scenario is different please specify the flow of events that you are experiencing. Thanks 🙂

Hi @elena.t 

I am expecting a notification for the assigned admin. That makes sense that it would not happen to the ticket creator making one for themselves. This is happening when and admin creates a ticket for another admin. When the ticket is created with the assigned admin selected and status of assigned there is no notification sent. If it were created with a status of new then switched to assigned after creation a notification would be sent. Is that how it should work?


Does this issue occur for all admins or only a specific individual?

If it happens for all admins, please send us a screenshot of your general helpdesk settings, and expand the options for the assigned administrator.

If it occurs for a specific admin, it is possible that the message is sent but not received in their inbox. To check this, navigate to the Messages tab and expand it to show automatic notifications. If the message was not sent, it might be a settings issue. If the message was sent but not received by the admin, it could be due to a filter on their end.

Helpdesk settings are attached. It does happen for all admins whether they are creating the ticket or being assigned the ticket. I have assigned status included under notify admin when status changes. I think the problem is it doesn’t consider it a status change if an admin creates that ticket and sets the status to something that should notify at the same time. It works as expected if I were to create a ticket as New (or some other status) with the admin selected under assigned to and save. Then switch the status to assigned and save again they will get the notification. If I were to just create the ticket with the status as assigned they do not get a notification. This applies to any status that should send a notification.