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  • 10 November 2023
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I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent software – we've been utilizing it for a month now, and it's truly impressive. The self-service portal has been particularly helpful; however, I'm encountering a small challenge.

I'm interested in creating a new status called "ongoing" for tasks that extend over the long term. Can you guide me on whether it's possible to add a new status in a manner similar to adding a new category?

Thanks for your assistance.


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Hi sreydman,

To create a new custom status, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings.
2. Click on Customize, then Lists.
3. In the Lists section, click on the dropdown and search for Status and enter the name and key.
4. Once you have added the new status, it will be available for selection in the service request status settings.



If you need more help, have further questions, or just want to chat about this topic, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


Thank you! All done.