A Tip for the Internal Campaign: Make Submitting Service Requests Easy

SysAid CEO
Dear SysAiders,

For the SysAid Internal Campaign, I would like to emphasize how we can make it easier for end-users to submit Service Requests. This is the most basic principle of maximizing SysAid’s benefits in your organization.

We need to follow one simple rule: it is simpler, more efficient, and more effective for end-users to submit service requests as opposed to picking up the phone and speaking with the IT support team.

In the SysAid Certification program, we discuss in great detail how to make the submission of Service Requests much easier for end-users. It is very important to provide your organization with different ways to report technical problems – accessing the End User Portal via the F11 command is just one of the many options you have.

As an additional option for your end-users, we recommend that you provide your users with Service Request forms directly on your company’s website.

Why is this important? First of all, users intuitively search their companies’ websites for support information. It makes sense to allow them to submit service requests in a location they already access regularly. Furthermore, this option is very helpful for users who do not have direct access to the internal SysAid system. For example, if a user on a business trip encounters technical problems, he can access SysAid through the company website and receive immediate support.

All you need to do is create a new web form, and convert it to HTML.


1. To create a new web form, go to Preferences ? Customize ? Web Forms tab

2. Press the New Form button.

3. You can add fields by designating “Available Fields” as “Visible Fields.” Once you’ve chosen which fields you want to display in the form, choose “Save.”

4. You will then see the new form has been added to the list. Select the new form, and from the HTML tab, copy the entire HTML code.


1. Access the web server from which you want to new form, if using a foreign server.

2. Create a new HTML file, and paste the HTML code into it. Make sure you save the file as .htm (For example, webform.htm)

3. Return to the Web Forms tab in SysAid, and left click on the Images Directory link.

4. Extract the CSS.zip file and save it in the folder with your new web form.

5. Go back to the Web Forms tab and right click on the “HTML settings” link. Choose “Save File As…” and save the master.css file in the CSS folder.

6. Now add the form name to the end of the web server URL. For example, www.sysaid.com/webform.htm

Note: If you aren’t using your own server, skip Steps 3 and 4 and just place the HTML file in the .../SysAidServer/root folder.

SysAid is already intuitive and user-friendly for end-users. Make the experience even better by providing easy access to Service Request forms!

I wish you a productive and successful August.



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