Permissions for Monitoring Configurations - Currently SysAid Admin Permissions Required, Really?

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I am currently testing SysAid PRO+ Monitoring Module. This module, if approved, will eventually be handed to the Infrastructure Department which is the department responsible for the monitoring of servers and SNMP devices in the company but it is not responsible of SysAid administration.

SysAid Administration is under the responsibility of a different department, my department, and I have just found that in order for them to be able to configure Monitoring settings, templates and notifications I will have to give them SysAid Admin permissions, in other words, they will be able to change any SysAid configuration besides Monitoring.

Am I right?? Please tell me I am wrong!!!

I understand that in SysAid FULL Edition this is easy to handle, but I am using PRO+ Edition and it will not be cost effective to move to FULL Edition just for being able to use the Monitoring Module.

Anyone with this issue?? Have you got a reasonable solution??

Thanks in advance for your ideas!!
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If you log in as an administrator which is not SysAid Administrator, and access an asset, you can still configure its monitoring (Monitoring tab).
However, if you will try to access the monitoring module through Settings, this indeed won't be possible without being a SysAid Administrator.

My suggestion would be to create a feature request for the functionality to be able to give Monitoring Settings permissions to regular admins. If you wish this functionality to be implemented quicker, it may be performed as a special project by our Professional Services team. Please contact your account manager for more information and a quote.

Please let me know should you have further questions.


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thank you for your response!

I will follow both of your suggestions.

Have a nice day!