Installing SSL Certificate with CSR Created with IIS


I created a CSR using one of our Windows servers with IIS. I've successfully installed the wildcard cert on 3 IIS servers, a Barracuda Spam Firewall, and a Fortinet firewall.

Now I'm trying to get it working on the Tomcat server with SysAid and I'm coming up short. I have SSL turned on and working, but I get the notification that the site is not trusted because I'm using the default self-signed cert.

I followed the instructions found here:
to enable SSL, skipping the part about the CSR and just using the self-signed side. It works well. It allows me to access SysAid externally (the big driver), but I am loathe to provide the URI to my users, as I do not want them ignoring security warnings. (I want them to run away).

So the question is this: How can I use the wildcard certificate (I purchased from GoDaddy using an IIS CSR) with SysAid such that it will work? Has anyone done this? I have the Tomcat certs even.

Many thanks for anything anyone can suggest.