Delete Attachments from database

Elite SysAider
We are running the sql express database, and we have reached the 10gb limit...with only about 66,000 SRs.

We need to clean out the database of attachments...specifically zip files.

What is the easiest way of doing this?

Our SysAid environment is out of service because of this issue. Many people are depending on this system.

I tried calling and submitted an SR with SysAid support but haven't heard back.

Thanks for the help!

SysAid Wiz
you can use this set of queries:

You can identify which table or SR have the greater size and delete it (or archive on another device/system).

You should also try to shrink your DB after perform a Full backup (you will find a lot of tutorial on the web).

I hope that SysAid will introduce a attachment size limitation with new releases.

Hope it can help.

PS I'm not a DBA or a Developer I've found this queries on the web

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SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Guys please note that modifying the database manually will void your support license according to SysAid EULA. I'll try to look why the response time for serverdown issue took longer than expected, however.

Thanks for letting me know,
SysAid Wiz
Hi Danny,
you're right, the queries helps to find which SRs have the biggest attachment.
It was implied that you have to delete those files from the SysAid and NOT from the DB.
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Got it