Request Action Item/Approval based off of user-specified field

We are looking to move our Vacation Request form from Sharepoint to Sysaid. We have some fields that the user fills in, including the manager to approve their vacation request. Is it possible to have the action item/workflows dynamically update to send the approval link/email to the manager indicated by the end user.

For example, if User1 indicates John Doe as their manager to approve their vacation request, we'd like John Doe to receive the email with link to approval action item.

If User2 indicates John Smith as their manager to approve their vacation request, we'd like John Smith to receive the email for approval instead of John Doe.

Additionally, the existing Sharepoint form has a field with "additional approval required by", where another manager or department head can approve the request after approved by the first manager.

We'd like to have the Sysaid request send the secondary approval email to the second manager if indicated by the end user, and if not, then proceed to the rest of the work flow.

For example, if end user indicates Tom Jones as the supervisor for additional approval, we'd also like an approval email to go to Tom Jones. However, if the user does not indicate a value for the "additional approval by" field, we'd like to have the workflow process complete with the approval of the initial manager indicated in the first example above that I gave.

Are either or both of these possible? We are running on-premise Sysaid, latest version 17.2

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi DH896,

Such configuration should be possible with the help of our Professional Services team. Please contact your account manager for more information.