Phone Call Form Dynamically Adapting Unexpected Behavior

Elite SysAider
We want to use the Phone Call form to rapidly document incidents solved without a previous ticket created neither by the end user nor by any first level of support executive.

The issue we have found is that in spite of the expected behavior the phone call form also adapts dinamically when the selected category is related to an incident template.

As far as we understand the Phone Call form is a simplified layout that makes opening a service record faster and simpler and as such it should keep its layout even if the selected category is related to an incident template.

We assume this is a bug, or is there any part in the configuration where we can take the behavior of the Phone Call form to its original purpose???

Look forward to your comments.
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi simental,

Not out of the box, no. The Phone Call form is its own subtype, so when you change a category to one that is linked to another subtype, it will appear instead.

This should be checked with your account manager to see if it's possible to perform a special project on this page with our Professional Services team. If not - then I can move this thread to the Feature Requests forum. Please let me know.