E-mail integration is fast on-premise but taking long on Cloud.


We tested the on-premise version of Sysaid and setup email integration and when users send an email to the designated email address for service desk, Sysaid would create a ticket within seconds. However we decided to switch to the Cloud for our deployment of sysaid. Now e-mail integration does work and process emails but it takes around 5 minutes to grab a new request, add it as a ticket, and respond to the user. When replying to the ticket from sysaid it happens immediately but it feels like 5 minutes is so long for Sysaid cloud to process the email and create a ticket.
We have incoming Email settings enabled as:
Protocol EWS
Server URL: webmail.xxxx.com
domain user: domain\username
Any help to try and speed this up would be appreciated!
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi Jesse,

At the current moment, the 5-minute scheduler cycle cannot be changed. Very soon it should be possible per-account though, so I suggest keeping in contact with your account manager regarding this option.