Agent Deployment Error

Hi All

Receiving this error in deploying Agent:
Deployment to failed - Deploy command received
Deploy started on machine - Failed to connect to the target machine via SSH using credentials xxx\xxxxx - Failed to connect to the target machine via SMB using credentials xxx\xxxx - 53 - System Error: 53 Error Description: The network path was not found.

Firewall is open for 137,138, 139, 8193 and URL for RDS server.
WMI is allowed through firewall

SMBv1 and SMBv2 protocol is enabled

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi Russ,

In order to investigate the issue, we will need the SysAid logs from your server. To download the logs you can either:
Click on your profile on the top-right of the SysAid screen > About, and in the popup window that opens click on "Download Log File".

If the above doesn't work, please collect following folders/files manually:
...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\logs (entire folder, zipped)
...\SysAidServer\logs (entire folder, zipped)
...\SysAidServer\tomcat\logs (entire folder, zipped)

Afterwards, please create a ticket in our Helpdesk, copy your issue description, and attach these log files. Our support team will investigate the issue.

Cunningruss - Did you ever find a fix for this issue? We have a couple assets that also have this error when we try to deploy to them. Do not have this issue with other devices.