Self Service Portal - Question: Enduser and the assigned to user notes?

Elite SysAider
On a SR, example request type, how can the enduser and the assigned to user communicate?
We have non admins as assigned to users on some action items which makes things tricky on how to show fields from the SR on the SSP for the assigned to user to use action items.
They can't see anything from the SR unless we populate the action item fields from the SR.

Problem now is how do these two communicate?

Notes field is VERY inconsistent. Sometimes when the request user adds a note to the SR from the SSP, the attribute logic does not fire and overwrite the action item notes field as it should when set to SR Update. And yet sometimes it does.
Current attribute logic is:
SR->notes to AI->notes as overwrite when SR Update. (so assigned to user can see it)

When I try to set the attributes to the following, I get a circular error:
SR->notes to AI->notes as overwrite when SR Update. (so assigned to user can see it)
AI->notes to SR->notes as overwrite when AI is updated. (So end user can see it)
Can't which makes sense but how else can they communicate?

A simple solution is to allow the action item tabs to show fields from the SR so everyone can see them without having to jump through all these hoops.

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi kevgio,

One solution could be to use the Instructions field and include it in the action item view so the user could see the message. However, this doesn't solve the two-way communication issue you're describing.
I can move this thread to the Feature Requests forum if you'd like, in which case please describe how you would like to see the communication functionality implemented best in your view.
Alternatively, perhaps our Professional Services team can help with this as a special project, in which case please contact your account manager. Please let me know.