Assets not populating as expected

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I originally posted this in asset management but no replies so I thought I'd try here.

We removed all assets from our SysAid on prem. Reworked RDS to get all services running however our assets are not coming in as expected.

Most assets have not showed up, some are coming in as blank, and a handful look good.

I decided to do some poking around in SysAid SQL database.

I noticed that our SysAid Database is extremely fragmented. Here is a sample for all tables that are fragmented.

I am not a DBA, but have some knowledge.

Do you think this could be our issue with asset lists? All RDS services are running.

Do you recommend we reorganize/rebuild the indexes?

Any other thoughts how we can get this resolved?


The number you see is the avg page fragmentation:
1 sysaid patch PK__patch__F008CCE43414ACBA CLUSTERED INDEX 99.1189427312775
2 sysaid service_req title_indx NONCLUSTERED INDEX 98.062015503876
3 sysaid sysaid_user_history PK__sysaid_u__D8737B4010216507 CLUSTERED INDEX 97.2222222222222
4 sysaid sysaid_user PK__sysaid_u__7C9273C572910220 CLUSTERED INDEX 96.6049382716049
5 sysaid computer_users PK__computer__6ADB4EC159063A47 CLUSTERED INDEX 95.2380952380952
6 sysaid computer_lists NULL HEAP 95.1456310679612
7 sysaid computer_changes computer_changes_idx1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 94.7368421052632
8 sysaid reports_available_fields PK__reports___85E0E07D75785BC3 CLUSTERED INDEX 94.7368421052632
9 sysaid computer_devices computer_devices_indx NONCLUSTERED INDEX 94.6428571428571
10 sysaid sysaid_user sysaid_user_idx_4 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 94.4444444444444
11 sysaid computer_history PK__computer__E3DE697B06B7F65E CLUSTERED INDEX 93.75
12 sysaid sysaid_user sysaid_user_idx_5 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 93.3333333333333
13 sysaid sysaid_user sysaid_user_idx_6 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 92.3076923076923
14 sysaid sysaid_user sysaid_user_idx_2 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 92.3076923076923
15 sysaid user2asset PK__user2ass__FFEB5A1651EF2864 CLUSTERED INDEX 91.3978494623656
16 sysaid service_req service_req_ind_1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 89.5910780669145
17 sysaid service_req service_req_ind_3 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 89.2550143266476
18 sysaid computer_attributes_history PK__computer__E3DE697B1BB31344 CLUSTERED INDEX 88.8888888888889
19 sysaid service_req_log service_req_log_idx1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 88.0705394190871
20 sysaid online_users PK__online_u__3213E83F24134F1B CLUSTERED INDEX 87.741935483871
21 sysaid computer_attributes PK__computer__AEA7DCB22B3F6F97 CLUSTERED INDEX 85.7142857142857
22 sysaid sysaid_user sysaid_user_idx_3 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 85.7142857142857
23 sysaid patch_policy_event PK__patch_po__3213E83F54817C4C CLUSTERED INDEX 85.7142857142857
24 sysaid form_history NULL HEAP 85.7142857142857
25 sysaid sysaid_user_permissions PK__sysaid_u__7C9273C57DB89C09 CLUSTERED INDEX 85.7142857142857
26 sysaid list_view PK__list_vie__FB2CECC644952D46 CLUSTERED INDEX 83.3333333333333
27 sysaid online_users online_users_ind_1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 83.3333333333333
28 sysaid ui_menus PK__ui_menus__CE3380AD0CFADF99 CLUSTERED INDEX 83.3333333333333
29 sysaid computer PK__computer__AEA7DCB2145C0A3F CLUSTERED INDEX 83.3333333333333
30 sysaid computer_changes NULL HEAP 83.2288037166086
31 sysaid sysaid_user sysaid_user_idx_1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 81.8181818181818
32 sysaid computer_printers PK__computer__3213E83F188C8DD6 CLUSTERED INDEX 80
33 sysaid computer computer_idx_id_1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 80
34 sysaid computer computer_disable_idx_1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 80
35 sysaid service_req_msg service_req_msg_idx1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 79.2436235708004
36 sysaid problem_type PK__problem___8978F98C7F2BE32F CLUSTERED INDEX 77.7777777777778
37 sysaid service_req_history serv_req_hist_idx1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 76.2222222222222
38 sysaid online_assets PK__online_a__D28B561D6E765879 CLUSTERED INDEX 75
39 sysaid computer_log PK__computer__9E2397E04E88ABD4 CLUSTERED INDEX 75
40 sysaid reports_params PK__reports___774572D806A2E7C5 CLUSTERED INDEX 75
41 sysaid service_req_msg PK__service___5A3EB4CD79FD19BE CLUSTERED INDEX 73.9861404037361
42 sysaid login_log NULL HEAP 72.2222222222222
43 sysaid ui_menus2group PK__ui_menus__10BCCFF510CB707D CLUSTERED INDEX 66.6666666666667
44 sysaid computer_storage_devices PK__computer__3213E83F10EB6C0E CLUSTERED INDEX 66.6666666666667
45 sysaid computer_network_adapters PK__computer__3213E83F0579B962 CLUSTERED INDEX 66.6666666666667
46 sysaid computer_display PK__computer__3213E83F23FE4082 CLUSTERED INDEX 66.6666666666667
47 sysaid computer_smbios_memory_slot PK__computer__3213E83F2B9F624A CLUSTERED INDEX 66.6666666666667
48 sysaid computer_disks PK__computer__3213E83F7BF04F28 CLUSTERED INDEX 66.6666666666667
49 sysaid service_req_history PK__service___E8FAA9872A164134 CLUSTERED INDEX 62.4209860935525
50 sysaid computer computer_idx_type_2 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 60
51 sysaid messages PK__messages__3AB0E9F776969D2E CLUSTERED INDEX 54.5454545454545
52 sysaid version NULL HEAP 50
53 sysaid user_groups PK__user_gro__982D6D95019E3B86 CLUSTERED INDEX 50
54 sysaid category_admin_group PK__category__C81990EE31583BA0 CLUSTERED INDEX 50
55 sysaid cust_values PK__cust_val__5948E1C236470DEF CLUSTERED INDEX 50
56 sysaid online_users online_users_ind_2 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 50
57 sysaid computer_memory PK__computer__3213E83F1C5D1EBA CLUSTERED INDEX 50
58 sysaid computer_network_data PK__computer__3213E83F094A4A46 CLUSTERED INDEX 50
59 sysaid schedule_task PK__schedule__0492148D09DE7BCC CLUSTERED INDEX 50
60 sysaid computer_printers computer_printers_indx NONCLUSTERED INDEX 50
61 sysaid sr_sub_tab PK__sr_sub_t__491E8B40531856C7 CLUSTERED INDEX 50
62 sysaid form_history user_form_visit_time_indx NONCLUSTERED INDEX 50
63 sysaid computer_log computer_log_idx_compid NONCLUSTERED INDEX 50
64 sysaid reports PK__reports__1C9A425545C948A1 CLUSTERED INDEX 50
65 sysaid computer_devices PK__computer__3213E83F0D1ADB2A CLUSTERED INDEX 39.527027027027
66 sysaid computer_lists COMPUTER_LISTS_IDX2 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 39.1304347826087
67 sysaid gfi_products PK__gfi_prod__47027DF5416EA7D8 CLUSTERED INDEX 33.3333333333333
68 sysaid ui_menus ui_menus_index1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 33.3333333333333
69 sysaid service_req service_req_ind_5 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 32
70 sysaid online_users_history PK__online_u__3213E83F55AAAAAF CLUSTERED INDEX 29.5058656238891
71 sysaid service_req service_req_ind_6 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 28.433734939759
72 sysaid service_req service_req_ind_4 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 28.125
73 sysaid computer_lists COMPUTER_LISTS_IDX1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 24
74 sysaid service_req PK__service___3213E83F08B54D69 CLUSTERED INDEX 22.8434886499403
75 sysaid audit_log PK__audit_lo__3213E83F2D12A970 CLUSTERED INDEX 21.0075026795284
76 sysaid service_req_log PK__service___9E2397E04E1E9780 CLUSTERED INDEX 10.3285216525635
77 sysaid service_req_files PK__service___6284C4CA762C88DA CLUSTERED INDEX 6.86303387334315
78 sysaid audit_log_lines PK__audit_lo__A17972164885B9BB CLUSTERED INDEX 0.496421149849919
79 sysaid audit_log_lines audit_log_lines_idx1 NONCLUSTERED INDEX 0.430828147438966

SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Evan,

Please do not modify the database, this will void your support license. Please contact our support team for further investigation, regarding the assets as well - I believe the issue is not related to the fragmentation, but please update here once the issue is resolved.

Elite SysAider
So un-deploying all sysaid agents and re-deploying seems to have resolved our issue.

Why would that be?
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Evan,

Technically, if you delete assets from the UI, they shouldn't come back until redeployed, or the tag firstTime set to Yes in the agent configuration file. The fact that some of them came back is strange - perhaps you are running some kind of scheduled redeploy task?

Let me know should you encounter any issues in the future.