F11 Hot Key and Shortcut not working

Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with client machines whereby the F11 hotkey and the Sysaid shortcut fails to launch the end user portal to log a request?

Current steps taken:
Tested with another user account on same machine fails to load for any user.
Had user log onto different PC and confirmed it works - OK.
Re-deployed agent to machine, checked and confirmed registry settings from known good install.

Currently have about 10 or so machines experiencing same issue. Id prefer to re image the machines as a last resort.

Any advice/ thoughts welcome
We're having the same issue here at my office. The Sysaid Agent service fails to start. Hopefully we'll get an answer from sysaid about this issue.
disappointing that this has been active for almost 12 months, with no moderator/ developer comments ?
Elite SysAider
Does clicking on the shortcut on the desktop open the browser into SysAid?
If No,
there is an issue with the agent installation on the computer
If Yes,
Is the SysAid Shortcut properties have the Shortcut key: F11

We change all of ours Shortcut key: to None, because we use the F11 for other things