Embedding a Close "button" in a notification email.

We would like to institute a practice by which our end users are the arbiter of when the incident has been resolved to their satisfaction by putting the responsibility of closing tickets in their hands. Currently we don't intend to promote use of the self-service portal so we want to provide them with "Close" capability through email notifications.

The concept is that when an administrator sets an incident status to "Resolved" it will spawn a notification to be sent the user with language similar to: "OK Diana: It looks like we have fixed your incident #854 regarding Outlook not working. If you agree, please click on the Close Incident button below."

We would ideally like an HTML "button" displayed within the body of the email that is clickable URL link that will access the Service Record and change the incident status to "Closed".

Is there syntax within the notification scripting that can be used to accomplish the above?