Building Workflow into Incidents and Service Requests

We are looking at implementing Workflow into our incidents and SR's. I have looked for documentation and/or support vids but have found very little. When asking via online Chat with SysAid, it is not available, BUT my sales person can help me with this.

Please tell me this is something the local admin can build and this is not a "Paid For Service".

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Have you found any documentation in regards to this? I have a process I would like to build out but not sure if it's possible with workflow.
Hey guys,

you can build workflows yourself but it's really complicated at first.

1. Wait for the visual workflow builder that will be available soon for on-prem installs (available already in cloud tenants)
2. Contact the professional services so they build one with you. That's what I did and every since then I've created my own workflows.