Service Desk Notifications - Customize $Approve/$Deny tags


We are going to be expanding how our company uses the Approve and Deny action items in Workflows, and we want to be able to keep the Approve and Deny links in Emails since that is an easy way for end users and admins to approve without needing to go into the Service Record itself.

$Approve and $Deny tags work just fine, but we cant seem to do any customization to them. Basically what we are going for is something like the below attachment #1, with buttons for the user to approve or deny the request, but because the $Approve and $Deny tags inserts its own element into the HTML, there is no way to do inline changes to format them. So it ends up looking like attachment #2

My level of CSS/HTML is not advanced by any means, but I just cant seem to figure out how to make this look better. Current code is below for reference.

Any help is much appreciated!

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