Upgrade from 16.3 to 17.3 to 19

We are getting ready to make the move addressed in the topic.

The SysAid server is an on-premise 32-bit VM installation.

We have several customized forms that as I recall always seem to disappear when we update.
It's been awhile since we have updated SysAid so I was hoping to refresh myself on where these customized pages might reside and where they need to go after the update.

Also, in the event of a problem, will taking a snapshot of the VM before we update protect the integrity of the system in the event we have to roll the snapshot back ? We are on an Oracle DB, but I'm concerned that there might be schema changes that would prevent us from rolling back.

Usually, our upgrades have been literally "push-pull-click-click" then drop the modified forms back in place and life goes on.

Any additional watches, warnings or procedures would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Moody