In asset import from CSV the warranty expiration month is changed to January

Hello all,
I started using the Free license of SysAid, for Asset Management only.
I imported from CSV file a list of around 450 assets, including one field of date - Warranty Expiration.
The Year and Day values were kept correct, but the Month values got changed in all records to January.
For instance real date 15 August 2020 was changed in SysAid to 15 January 2020.
I tried different formats of dates, but the result is the same.
Did anyone encounter it ?
Any idea what may cause this ?
Thanks, Michael
Hi all
Re-submitting this
Please read the original post that I wrote below
Strange that all the months, when I import dates from CSV file, become one month (January), while the date and year stay correct. I use the Free version. Any idea about it ?
Thanks, Michael