Merging Administrators

We have a mess in terms of our administrators user login. We have intials, email addresses, even names with spaces.

I want to standardize these for our reports.

I don't see a way to "merge" administrators like we do for end users. How would I go about this? I want to keep our productivity reports, so I'm not eager to disable the old account and just create a new one.
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi jonyelton,

If you wish to move to a standardized conventions regarding your admins, you can create a new administrator account for each admin, then delete the old one from the list and use the "Transfer duties" function to transfer all the relevant duties to the new account, this way the move will have a minimal impact on the system and reporting capabilities.

When reassigning the duties of an administrator, SysAid reassigns routing rules, escalation rules, templates and service records. For reassignment of service records, you can choose whether to include closed service records or to reassign only active SRs.

You can read more about this function here.

Please let me know if this fits your needs.

Thanks, this will work. I did not think of trying the convert to end user function. I did try this to see what happens when I disable an admin. And that did nothing. I could see where you would add this pop up when disabling an admin.