Unable to delete or modify a banner in the banner's list

Elite SysAider

We found this issue within the On-Premise SysAid Server of one of our customers, and invested some time until we found the solution, so we decided to share the solution in case any of you face this problem in the future.

When the customer tried to delete or open a banner entry in the banner's list they got this error message.

HTTP 4040 - /admin-app-settings/ssp-banner-edit/index.html

I am including an image with the error message as an attachment.

So, we went to the file system in a test server we have in the office and looked for the word “banner”. Did the same in the customers server and compare both results.

Found out that the test server had a folder within ..\SysAidServer\root\admin-app-settings named ssp-banner-edit. Went to the folder ..\SysAidServer\root\admin-app-settings in the test server and found that it had other two folders that were not present in the same path in the customer´s server.

We copied the three folders in the test server to the customer’s server and it all started to work again.

I hope this information is helpful for somebody.