Static Filter Creation - Different filters


I have created a custom filter with different categories i want in it.

I also created a Static Filter to show only my Tickets that are Open, New, Pending, Postponed, User Responded ...
this is how it looks : (status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and responsibility = 'marius.oprea')

I want on top of that filter to add something extra where it will show my tickets open, new etc ..., but add tickets from everyone(open, new etc..) if it matches the criteria of Companies i assigned them to.

In short i want to see my tickets + the tickets ongoing from certain companies where i am account manager to them, but someone else handles them, in this way i can keep things better in manage.

I tried this and it does not show others tickets from companies i specified. (status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and responsibility = 'marius.oprea') or (status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and company = 'Company A' or 'Company A' or 'Company A' and 'Company A')

Can someone help me with this ?

Your line of
(status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and responsibility = 'marius.oprea') or (status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and company = 'Company A' or 'Company A' or 'Company A' and 'Company A')

has an "and" at the end so it is saying that the company has to be one of the first three in addition to the 4th one. Should it be another "OR" statement instead of "AND"? Or can your ticket be assigned to multiple companies at the same time?

I narrowed down the string to do same as the one before, also removing what you said(yes i did not notice it), but i messes up the view and shows closed tickets also and random companies.

So it's grabbing those other statuses because there isn't anything to tell it otherwise. The "status in" section only applies to the first thing it applies to which will be that it is assigned to you.

Below are a couple options you could try to see if either will display like you need. I have not done much coding for sysaid specifically but I am confident one of these should work. If not I can look at some other options if you would like.

Option A:

(status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and responsibility = 'marius.oprea') or (status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and company = 'CompanyA' or 'CompanyB' or 'CompanyC' or 'CompanyD')

Option B:

status in (1,2,5,6,35,36) and (responsibility = 'marius.oprea' or company = 'CompanyA' or 'CompanyB' or 'CompanyC' or 'CompanyD')

that does not fix it.

After hours of deliberation i found the correct filter :

(status in (1)) OR (status in (OPEN_CLASSES) and responsibility = 'marius.oprea') or (company in (44,15,36,37) and status in (2,5,6,35,36))

This will be showing : Unassigned New Tickets, my active tickets and also all my company active tickets so i can follow