Monitoring and Monitoring Templates

I recently inherited an instance of SysAid, and have been doing a lot of reading up on the platform over the past few days. While the team has been using the Help Desk functionality heavily, there has not been much focus on the monitoring side of things, which is where my role comes in.

First the basics:
  • Yes, I am setup as an administrator.
    Yes, I've read the pertinent information in the SysAid Help modules.
    Yes, I searched the forums.
    Yes, I Googled it...

  • Now on to the issue:
    We have a fairly significant number of servers and critical systems which need to be monitored. While I could set up individual monitors for each device, I've seen a number of references to using "Monitoring Templates" which would make this much easier. Sadly, the option to view said templates, for Workstations and/or Servers, does not exist in my view.

    Finally, the kicker:
    I find in the email history of the previous admin that our license is expiring in less than 30 days. So I either need to get this figured out quickly, or find a new solution to move to.
    In the weeks since this was submitted (posted submitted in Mid-August) I was able to get the issue addressed.

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