Email notification coding

Good afternoon.

I hope someone can help me with this bit of coding for my email template. I am no good at coding

We have a particular request template for our Purchasing department that requires the user to fill in two extra boxes (Supplier Name & Materials Required) that aren't in other templates. These are customized fields are linked to Service Record - Custom Entity Menu (see attached image).

I want the email notification to include these text entries, but only if they are present. The code I have is this:

#if(${SubCategory} && ${SubCategory}!="Material Requisition" )Supplier Name and Contact Details (if known): ${sr_cust_proc_suppname}
Materials Required (Qty, Description, Cost, Total Price): ${sr_cust_proc_materials}

All of the above was guess work from looking at other examples.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Use the follow syntax to recall a custom field from the Service Record entity on the notifications:

CustomColumnXXsr is the internal attribute name of the custom field.
To find it out, you can simply add the column "Internal Attribute Name" to the view of custom fields.

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