Important Tips for a Successful Upgrade to SysAid 6.5

SysAid CEO

In exactly one week, you'll be able to upgrade to SysAid 6.5 and enjoy its new features and functionalities! To ensure that you have a successful upgrade, you should make sure now that your system is ready and that your settings are properly configured. I've identified here some common mistakes that SysAiders sometimes make when they begin their upgrade, but luckily, these issues are very easy to prevent! Before you upgrade to SysAid 6.5, here are a few things you should check:

1. Valid SysAid Support Account
To upgrade to any new release, you must make sure that you have a valid SysAid support and updates account. If you don't have an account, sign up for a support account now. If you have already registered for a support account but are not sure that it is still valid, try to log in to the SysAid helpdesk. If you find that your account has expired, please contact our support team .

2. Customization of the End-User Portal
This tip is important for SysAiders who want to customize specific HTML pages in the End-User Portal. In SysAid releases earlier than 5.0, if you wanted to customize the End-User Portal, you had to copy the entire HTML folder to a new location regardless of the specific file you wanted to customize. Since SysAid 5.0, you must save the specific files you want to customize in a new directory; for the files you do not edit, SysAid applies its default HTML. When upgrading to SysAid 6.5, make sure that you only have the files you wish to customize saved in the HTML customization directory. If your entire HTML folder is saved in the customization directory, the files will not be updated and you will not be able to see new functionalities of SysAid 6.5, including the entire SysAid Chat Module!

To check if you have updated your HTML directory, look under Preferences --> Customize --> Appearance. Next to HTML Files Location, check to see if you have entered a path; if you have, look under the directory to make sure that only the files you wish to customize are saved there. Remove the ones you don't want to customize and restart your SysAid server.

3. Database considerations:

External Database (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle):
If your SysAid server is integrated with an external database like MSSQL, MySQL, or Oracle, be sure to double-check the permissions that apply to the administrator account that SysAid uses to connect to the database. The administrator must have permission to change the database schema. Please make sure to backup your database before the upgrade.

Internal Database (Derby)

If you are running an embedded Derby Database, make sure your system has enough space before you begin the upgrade because the upgrade wizard will automatically back up your database.

These simple steps will help you easily upgrade to SysAid 6.5 and immediately maximize its new modules and features. Have a fantastic month and enjoy 6.5!

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