Do you like your job?

Do you like your job?
Yes 89% [ 232 ]
No 11% [ 30 ]
Total Votes: 262
SysAid Wiz
When are the SysAid pint tankards I designed coming out ?
SysAid Wiz
Mua hah ah ah ah ah ah ahahahaaa
That looks a lot of fun !!!
SysAid Wiz
Thank you Saar... for sending something need no fighting to claim.
The size is MY size. So the boys just have to let it go...

Dum dum da ra ra dum dum...
Dum dum da ra ra dum dum...

When the network crawls
and the service's down
Who do you call ?
*ghostbuster kinda scream*

When the apps won't work
and the boss won't wait
who can you call ?

SysAid CEO
techguy, Obelix - thank you for the great pictures.

We'll be sure to make new exciting things soon here in SysAid...

Super SysAider
My t-shirt is maybe a little big in size, but its still cool to show - Imagine a jacket with a big SysAid logo on the bag, now that could be a cool thing to buy!

But I have a picture of the wall on one end of our office now that a cool view in the morning when you enter the door
SysAid CEO
Thank you DK_Sysaider for sharing this photo
No I do not like my job! I love my job!! It never gets boring and I get to help team members be more productive. What's not to love?
Super SysAider
Saar wrote:Thank you all for the great pictures.
(I'm still missing some pictures from others btw...)

*looks in various directions trying not to make eye contact with Saar and Obelix* I know I know, I haven't submitted it yet. I tried getting my coworker to snap the picture, but she said she had better things to do. What a buzzkill. lol I am working on getting it into you soon.
Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one.
E. B. White
I very much like my job. Mainly because I get to use Sysaid as well. It makes my job SO much easier, plus it only gets better with each release!
Yes i actually like my job. At first i was a bit hesitant about the I.T field. But i am loving it so far. Now with this software the possibilities are endless, now all i need to do is to master Sysaid, which i know will make my life even easier(my I.T life that I am i loving what i do
I love my job, and SysAid, We were using the trial and have just decided to launch the full version since it has made our lives so much easier. I do wish i had checked this forum sooner though. Lots of great advice.(and maby i could have gotten one of those cool mugs lol)
I just started my job on 9/28/2009 and I got SysAid installed yesterday.
I am spending a fun Friday configuring it.
Compared to the 4 domain controllers that had less than 5 mb on the C: drive, the mystery NT Server, and
the network outages I had to deal with, SysAid is like eating candy.
Jeeze I wanna mug too!! lol Fairly new clients don't get any?

Sysaid has made our IT Department so much more effective. My end users love that they can complain anytime they want! It is so much easier to track problem areas.
I also am so impressed with how quickly SysAid is placing updates and adding such awesome features. I'm really looking forward to 6.5 as I did 6.0. Great job!
I can say I hope you can keep up the great updates as you are. Really seperates you from many other software companies!

Thanks to All of you, Sysaid Support and Sysaid users, you have definatley made managing an Ambulance companies IT department much much easier!

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SysAid Mod
I would like a mug too PLEEEEASE!

Those mugs looks awesome... It would be even more nicer on my desk, smoking
Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off, then on again?