Expression Builder


The Expression Builder*, referred to in some places as the Query Builder, appears throughout SysAid in many different places. On the various list pages, you can open it using the filter icon . In other places, such as reports, it's accessible using the Expression Builder icon . The purpose of the Expression Builder is to filter results, such as list results and report results.

*When creating an escalation rule, the Expression Builder is referred to as the Action Builder, and has a different function. Please see escalation rules for further details.


 SysAid Expression Builder


Components of the Expression Builder


A filter is composed of four parts:


Creating a filter


To create a filter using the Expression Builder:


  1. Decide how many filter lines you will need. If you only need one line, leave the first drop-down on "Statement" and go to step 5.
  2. To add another filter line, first choose a statement, either "and" or "or." This will automatically add another line connected by the chosen statement.
  3. If you need to add more lines connected by the same statement (i.e., this and that and the other thing), click Add new line. If you would like to delete a line, click Delete line.
  4. For each filter line, choose the field, expression, and desired value for the field (e.g. Location + is + HQ Building).
  5. When you have set up all of the filter lines you need, click Create Filter to apply your filter. This will automatically close the window.
  6. In the event that you have set up a filter and you would like to erase it, click Reset Filter.